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Messages from our Martial Arts Students in Montreal

Our reputation at Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre is built on the experience of our Senseis and the variety of disciplines that we teach in Montreal. We combine rigour and passion in order to offer you personalized service that will enable you to make significant progress, whatever your age or discipline. Our approach has been recognized and recommended by our students:

“I'd like to thank you for everything I got from attending your classes. Peace, confidence, strength and many other things as well. Take care of yourself and your family.”

Laurent Evers

“André-Jaques Serei is the first instructor to be able to keep me motivated to continue a sport for more than 3 months. This helped me improve my flexibility and increase my cardio.”

Yannick Robert

“I do a lot of sports but Aiki Ju-Jitsu is the most complete discipline that I have ever practiced. Both for the physical and the mental aspects. Académie Serei is a place where the ambiance is friendly, the teaching is professional and the training is rigorous yet pleasant.”

Albert Kwan

“First of all, I'd like to congratulate the Serei family for transmitting their knowledge and passion about martial arts to us. Thank you to Mr. George, to André and Pascal for their teaching. Ever since I came into Académie Serei, I have transformed psychologically and physically. André and Pascal often repeat one phrase to us: persevere in your efforts.”

Jonathan Fulham

“Women and martial arts? It seems that we, as women, approach martial arts to learn to defend ourselves. Aiki Ju-Jitsu first of all seems to be very suited to that: we learn very effective movements that require a lot of technique but little physical strength. However you will see, ladies, that a dojo is not there to turn women into men.

Going into the Serei family school will not turn you into warriors but you will learn to know yourselves, to make your qualities serve martial arts: your flexibility, your agility and your intuition will quickly become your best assets. Do you want to increase your strength ten-fold? You will learn to identify and work on your weaknesses.

Do you want to learn to fight? You will learn wisdom, respect for other people and you will learn to overcome your fears. Do you want to change your body? You will change your soul, you will learn to find your place with respect to yourself and especially with respect to others. While martial arts were not designed for women initially, you still have a big role to play.

Because you will quickly realize that you contribute to a balance. Learning perseverance is your own challenge, regardless of your gender, your physical stature or your objectives. You will learn that you can be strong and defend yourself: a very visible change on the outside will come from the way you’ve changed on the inside… whatever your own weapons may be.”

Catherine Rossi

“Last year I moved to Montreal and began training at the Académie Serei. I've been training in the martial arts for approximately 15 years and I can say without a doubt that this dojo is one of the best I have ever trained at. The teachers are encouraging and professional at all times, the class atmosphere is fun and challenging. I look forward to many more years in martial arts, and as a Serei student.”

Jeff MacDonald

“The reason for my fears, I have no doubt that even if you don’t know them you know what I'm talking about. Your self-defense classes were the batons that supported me when I was hurt. “Serenity can only be achieved by a spirit in despair and to be in despair, you have to have lived a lot and still love the world.”

A Night in the Balaise Cendrars Forest.

I love martial arts as I love the world. Like many people who practice these sports, I'm not very demonstrative. I don’t know where that comes from or why I have all this interest for these disciplines but I know that I cannot turn it off.

People think I'm changing but I think I'm just simply becoming what I was << ME >> with all the egoism that is contained in the human being that I am. 

I no longer wear any religious signs (for respect for what it means and no longer wanting to show it without representing its full value and because I cannot guarantee it this engagement on my part) but I feel more religious than ever. IT’S CRAZY.

I don’t remember who but someone said it in these words, “I've always seen that to perfectly succeed in the world, you have to look crazy and be wise.”

I like the words of Henri Fréderic AMIEL when he says, “A thousand things go forward, nine hundred ninety-nine go backward: that’s progress”.

For me, I say, “The fear that each of us wants to get away from lives inside us, it has no other refuge than our mind and our mind has no other refuge than our body. Like everything in the universe, they are fighting for the throne. And however it is union that makes them strong. Anyone can have the throne at any time but none of them will have the power.”

You have often said in one way or another that good physical fitness helps us recover faster, but I have to tell you that the determination that we all have somewhere inside us helps us even more. It’s true it’s not important how many times we fall, what’s important is to be able to get back up each time.

My memory refuses access to a certain directory but it’s funny, it often shows me the picture or the image of people who have held out their hand to me in a direct or indirect manner from far or near.

Here’s a small story that changed my life. It was two years ago I signed up at the Académie. I had a meeting with André-Jacques Serei who said to me: “You need to defend the woman that you are”. He was right but I no longer existed, that was the feeling I had back then. I was a bit chubby and I had no muscle tone and a flagrant lack of energy after several years of stress. I gave everything I had during three private sessions per week with André-Jacques. This is now two years later and I feel like a Phoenix who rose from the ashes, you understand that nothing’s perfect but I am planning to win a beauty contest when I turn 90! Poor André-Jacques, he’s going to have a lot of work to do!

If you’re discouraged, if your self-esteem is ten feet underground and if you want to meet someone exceptional, don’t hesitate, call him, he’s intense, he’s passionate and he’ll help you discover the woman in you. Thanks again André-Jacques for being in my life.

I recently read an article about you in La Presse newspaper. I'm going to take a few moments to thank you for your excellent teaching from which I've benefitted. I consider it a privilege to have met someone like you in my life.

Your true passion for martial arts is contagious and you are also a model for tenacity who trains people to go beyond their limitations. I never met another Master as engaged, rigorous pedagogical and intense as you are in any other dojo or training centre. I wish you an extraordinarily long life, like your father, so that you can touch and help hundreds of more students to grow.”

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