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Head instructors, Kru Pascal Serei and Kru Cyrille Berthou, teach the fundamentals of Muay Thai at Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre in Montreal.

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is a combat sport that was created for the Thai Military in the 16th century. In the West, it is classified as “kick and fist boxing”. Thai boxing originated in the ancestral martial arts, including Muay Boran (traditional boxing) and Krabi Krabong (practiced with weapons). High level or competitive Thai boxing requires:

• Good brain capacity (game vision, rapid and accurate decision-making, game intelligence…), and the necessary mental capacities, such as determination, will and courage.

• Strong technical skills backed by physical abilities, such as muscular flexibility, speed and fast reflexes.

• In addition, for K.O. system combat, muscular strength is required.

Thai boxing is a very popular sport because of its efficiency. However, it is seen to be a sport that involves physical risk due to the use knees and elbows, which has been an obstacle to its development as a practice for everyone. This is contrary to other kickboxing sports that are considered less restrictive.

Muay Thai owes its popularity to the fact that it is a national and professional sport. It is a big business in Thailand, where it generates a substantial economy and many athletes, trainers, executives and promoters earn their living from it.

As in any sports activity, the teacher has a basic role in training the student. The teacher’s state of mind will have considerable influence on the disciple.

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