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Vision and Code of Ethics at Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre in Montreal



Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre is a multidisciplinary recreational centre in Montreal for the practice of martial arts and combat sports.

Various disciplines are presented and co-exist in perfect harmony at the Academy, in a serious, professional, relaxed, dynamic atmosphere, and a sound, safe environment. We promote high quality education, the enrichment of human values and life ethics.

We also promote respect among all participants of all styles practiced at the Académie, as well as respect for our environment. The personal development of each participant is foremost, and training is adapted to the participant. There may be an opportunity to compete, depending on the activity, but it is optional. Those who choose this path will be appropriately encouraged and supervised. The martial arts way in the service of human being is a central precept of Budo, and such is our vocation.

The Académie has brought together under one roof a number of experienced instructors of a high calibre, whose reputation is well-established. If a new member signing up at the Academy is not certain they have chosen the right course, they will be given advice in order to be able to find the best sort of training for them. In addition, for a small extra fee, they will have the possibility of signing up for one or several other disciplines.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre is a centre where martial arts and combat sports are taught in a context of harmony among disciplines. All members of the Academy must adhere to a code of morals and ethics, including: respect for the dojo, respect for the training, respect for the partners in training, respect for all instructors, respect for one’s self, respect for the property of others, respect for the martial arts and combat sports of our academy. Our code of ethics stipulates that everyone must be able to train safely; if anyone ever intentionally harms another they will be expelled.

· Politeness, tolerance and courtesy are required within the Academy.

· All street shoes and boots must be removed at the entrance. Anyone who trains with bare feet must make sure their toe nails are properly groomed.

· You must leave all premises clean, including locker rooms, clean up your blood, if any, from the tatamis, close any windows you open and replace any accessories you use.

· If you break an accessory, please let the reception know.

· No food is permitted in the training areas.

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Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre

6530, Papineau Avenue

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Montréal, QC


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