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Movement and Energy: Aikido Courses in Montreal

Aikido is a martial art developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969).

More than a Martial Art

Fear and insecurity are always at the heart of any attack. An attack is therefore a manifestation of mental weakness. It disturbs the harmony of the environment. Through Aikido, students learn to restore order where there is disorder.

In the art of Aikido, one does not fight power with power. The Aikidoka movement is synchronised with the attacker’s movement and energy is redirected to the source. The attacker is thus confronted with their own aggression. 

The practice of Aikido consists in discovering the fundamental laws of movement. Power and speed never come from brute strength or wild movements; they are obtained through synchronisation, rhythm, intuition, coordination and precision.

The Concept of “Qi”

Competition is totally absent from the art of Aikido. The student aims for neither victory, nor defeat; those are relative concepts. What the student is looking for is the living understanding of the principles of energy. This energy is called Qi, and it is the same cosmic energy that manifests life and vitality in all beings.

Even though competition and aggression are foreign to the practice of Aikido, this art should not be confused with dance. There is power in flexibility: Aikido is still a martial art (Budo), and no form of weakness is tolerated within it. An Aikidoka is always responsible for their actions. There is nothing to prove during the practice. Instead, students learn to direct energy to avoid potential injury. Injury results from being rigid and stubborn. There is no winner or loser in Aikido, only mutual learning.

The Purpose of Aikido

The ultimate purpose of this art is not its physical aspect but instead to acquire an irreproachable conduct of life. The techniques are not just a self-defense system, they are a way of harmonizing the body and mind in a discipline that promotes respect for life.

Our Aikido courses in Montreal are taught by Sensei Massimo di Villadorata. For more information or to sign up, call Académie Serei, Martial Arts Centre.

Logo Concept

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